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Your Property Search

Getting Started

Once you have been preapproved and selected your real estate agent, it is time for the fun part: house hunting. Your agent will set up a search for you in the MLS so you will receive new listings, but you can also look at yourself online. Keep in mind that many third party websites may not show new listings immediately so the MLS search will be beneficial.

Drive Around

If you are not sure of the area(s) in which you want to search, or if you have searches set up in several areas, driving around is the best way to start. Visit the neighborhoods at different times of the day to get a feel for them.

Home Tours

When you find a home you want to tour have your agent make an appointment to see it. He or she should provide you with a comparable market analysis either before you see the home or when you arrive so that you can evaluate the listing price and discuss with your agent if you are interested in the property. As you continue to look at properties online and in person, you will eventually be able to narrow your search to areas and neighborhoods that you like.

Making an Offer

Once you have found a property you like your agent will help you to draft a strong offer, taking into consideration area comparable sold properties, upgrades and amenities, location and whether there are other offers coming in.

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