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Once all paperwork has been approved by the lender and funds for the loan have been wired to escrow, the title office will record the sale with the county recorder. Upon confirmation you will be a homeowner Congratulations!


Have your agent inform you as to what utilities (gas and electric, water, trash) you need to establish in your name so you can do so prior to closing, and also coordinate it with the current owners to avoid any reconnection fees. You will also want to establish internet/phone service with cable or satellite.

Home Warranty

If you added a home warranty on your contract you should receive literature and a confirmation number from the company shortly after closing. Keep them in mind should you need repairs on your property (e.g. an appliance breaks). Read the brochure to see what is covered. They typically last for a year and you can extend the policy at that time if you choose.


It is important to keep records of your purchase in a safe place – this pertains to all written documentation of the contracts and requests, seller disclosures, and anything else. We provide you with a flash drive at the close of escrow so you will have all your documents in one place, and we are also happy to send individual documents to you throughout the purchase process.

We Are Here for You Every Step of the Way

We are happy to assist you with the purchase and closing process, and beyond. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We have been around for a long time and have seen just about everything, and we are good at finding solutions and referring wonderful people to help you.

** We are happy to refer top mortgage professionals, home inspectors and specialty inspectors, insurance agents and others who can provide repair estimates. We have an extensive list of referrals to help you.

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